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This review considers the reactions of functionalization of carbonyl group of 11H-indeno [1, 2- b]quinoxalin-2-one and its application in the reactions of heterocyclization, including the 1,3 dipolar cycloaddition reaction. New areas of application of 11H-indeno[1,2-b]quinoxalin-2-one in organic synthesis for the creation of a wide range of compounds with thiocarbazone, pyrazole, pyrrole, γ-lactone, β-lactam and other fragments with various types of biological activity are demonstrated. The described derivatives are interesting, because these compounds have anti-HIV, antimicrobial, anticancer, antiinflammatory and other activities. As a result, the synthesis of the described derivatives has a great importance in organic and medicinal chemistry.

11H-indeno [1, 2-b]quinoxalin-2-one, functionalization of carbonyl group heterocyclization, 3-dipolar cycloaddition, biological activity
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