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The purpose of the work. The development of an analytical model for assessing the impact of Lean-management principles on reducing the risk of diseases in male shipbuilders and ship-repair workers. The paper presents the results of assessing the impact of the Lean-management principles in the organization of medical care for male employees of shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises on reducing the risk of professionally caused diseases. The data for the analysis were collected from the medical history of the hospital patient and the medical records of the patient who received ambulatory medical care in the Federal State Healthcare Establishment of the South-district Medical Center of the Federal Medical-biological Agency of the Russian Federation in the period of 2015-2017 and in 2019. Methods of expert assessments and mathematical modeling are used. The estimated risks of diseases including industrial hazards of the male workers of the shipbuilding and ship-repair enterprises of the town of Astrakhan, the ability to cut the use of Lean-management in the organization of medical help to employees of the male shipyard. The analytical model for assessing the impact of the Lean-management principles on reducing the risks of work-related diseases and providing the effectiveness of organizing medical care for male workers in shipbuilding and ship-repair is developed. It is stated that the risk of developing work-related diseases have been reduced by 25-30 %. The introduction of the Lean- management principles in the work of polyclinics has significantly helped to reduce the chance of the work-related diseases of male workers in the shipbuilding industry. The implementation of the Lean-management principles in the work of the polyclinics allowed not only to optimize the work of this medical establishment, to increase staff satisfaction, but also to cut the impact on professional risk factors on the health of male shipbuilders.

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prevention, risk, morbidity, Lean-management, male employees of the shipbuilding industry
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